we’re not telling you porky’s


A few of the things Mr Porky often gets asked

1.Where and when were pork scratchings invented?

Rewind all the way back to the Black Country in the 1800’s. At the time many families kept a few pigs for their meat. And keen to use every piece of their prized porkers, these they fried up the skin as a treat and Pork Scratchings were born.

2.What part of the pig are Mr Porky’s made from?

When we’re making our tasty Mr Porky Scratchings, Crackles and Prime Cut products we use the best quality rinds from the shank (the back part of the leg to you and I). But when it comes to Pork Crunch, we use the rind from the back of the animal.

3.Why do Pork Scratchings come in so many shapes and sizes?

Because every animal is unique, so are the rinds we make our Scratchings from. The natural variations from one rind to the next mean that they all cook slightly differently, giving us Scratchings that while different shapes and textures are all just as tasty and we make sure only the best make it into the bag.

4.Where do the rinds you use come from?

Wherever possible we use Danish pork rinds in our Pork Scratchings and other products. But if these are not available we will source top quality rinds from other EU countries.

5.What about making Pork Scratchings from British rinds?

British rinds have been used in the past but we found they didn’t give us the same quality results as those from our current suppliers. WE continue to test the quality of British rind against our current supplies & may use them in the future if quality is consistent with the existing product.

6.Pork Scratching vs. Pork Crunch – what makes them different?

It’s about where the rind comes from as some parts of the pig are fattier than others. Scratchings are made using rind from the shank, which has a thicker outer layer with a soft fatty one underneath. Slow cooking this gives us the unmistakable crunch and succulent texture many of us love.

7.Is it true Pork Scratchings have MSG in them?

Like lots of manufacturers, Mr Porky adds Monosodium Glutamate or MSG to the seasonings we use to really bring out the flavour. After many studies into the use of MSG, there’s no evidence to suggest it’s harmful and we only use a very low amount in our recipes. For more on MSG click here

8.How come you get the odd hairy Pork Scratching?

Simple fact: pigs are hairy and while we go to great lengths to make sure every single strand is removed from the rind before cooking, the odd one may occasionally be missed by our thorough checking process. But we want every single pack of our snacks to be perfect, so if you’re less than 100% satisfied with what’s in the bag, then please let us know.

9.Are Mr Porky products good for me?

As the saying goes, everything in moderation. Like lots of the tastiest foods and snacks out there, you should enjoy Mr Porky products as part of an active and healthy lifestyle, which includes a properly balanced diet. Find out more go to – www.nhs.uk/changeforlife