A tail to tell

Sold in shops and bars across the land, Mr Porky has been making his delicious Scratchings and other pork snacks for over 30 years.

Our jolly butchers’s smiling face has long been a sign of quality, with only the finest pork rinds used in our products so they’re as popular now as they’ve always been.
Today, the Mr Porky’s brand continues to go from strength to strength with exciting new tastes like our new Handcooked Finest Quality Pork Scratchings tempting the new generation of crackling converts.


The packs may have changed, but the terrific taste has stayed the same.

Where do they originate from?

Rewind to the Black Country in the 1800s. Many families keep pigs for food. And not a scrap is wasted, including the rind which is removed and made into scratchings, not unlike the ones we love today.


Original cooking methods

One of the earliest porky production methods was to take the soft fat under the rind and cook slowly until it became liquid. The heat was then cranked up and the strips of rind would be fried until crisp and seasoned with salt ready for eating.


Pork scratchings on the high street

Scratching as we know them first hit the high streets in the 1930s, when butchers began producing them on a bigger scale – cooking the rind in large aluminium barrels until the top was crisp and the underside still soft.

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