Get your snout into our FAQs for all your porky questions. If we haven’t covered something you want to know though, then just drop us a line, our team would be happy to help! 

We promise to tell the porky truth and nothing but the porky truth…

Back in the 1800s, a nifty villager in the Black Country didn’t want to waste any of their prized swine, so gave frying up the rind a go! Good work villager, you invented the scratchings we know and love today!
Oh, we thought you would never ask! Apart from being the tastiest snack around (in our own piggy opinion) Pork scratchings are the rind from the shank of the swine, cooked in oil and traditionally coated in a salty seasoning.
Indeed they are! Pork scratchings are low in carbs and high in fat making them the perfect porky fix for anyone on the Keto diet.

Porky scratchings are the perfect gym snack with 59g of protein per 100g. Why not grab a bag of Mr. Porky before your workout for the ideal pre-workout snack. Or, maybe after a proper workout session, crunch on Mr. Porky as a muscle-repairing, high protein treat.

Pork scratchings are made from the shank rind of a pig (you might know it as hock) meaning little goes to waste of that oh so tasty swine!
Crispy Strips are cooked from shoulder rind and seasoned with our signature seasoning. With no fat layer like traditional scratchings they’re extra crispy as the name might suggest, oh and did we mention they’re Keto friendly?!
Yes & no… Let’s explain! Our friends across the pond call their porky snacks ‘pork rinds’, however, their rinds don’t usually have the soft fatty layer that you will expect from our scratchings, so no creamy fatty gorgeousness with rinds!
We suggest crunching your scratchings in one sitting otherwise you might lose that infamous crunch, however, if resealed properly, they should last a couple of days before going past their best.
As the old adage goes, everything in moderation. A little bit of naughty is usually good!
No pig was created equal… Every rind is slightly different and cooks differently. So, while the shape might be different, the porky taste is as good as the last.

The majority of our rinds come from Danish farms, however, if we can’t get our hands on enough rinds we source from other top quality suppliers from across Europe.

The honest answer is, we would love to use British as a proud British company, however, in taste tests rind from British suppliers just didn’t hit the porkin’ crunchy spot. If you think you could be our next supplier though, why not reach out to us, we would love to hear from you!

We also promised to tell no porky’s… We do use MSG in our scratchings to bring out the salty flavour that our customers know and love. MSG is found naturally in many foods such as tomatoes and cheeses! FDA considers MSG as “generally recognised as safe”. We are always looking at ways to improve on our products and if we find that MSG is not needed then of course we will remove it, however, as it stands MSG is needed to make the scratchings we all know and love.

Pigs are hairy, and while we go to great lengths to remove all hair, sometimes we may miss a hair or two. If you’re not 100% happy with our products then please reach out to us via our contact form.